**In a few weeks the name and logo are changing - that means a new website is on the way too! **

Please stay tuned as we change from Perfect Fit Pilates to: 
**Our email address is changing to MindtheBodyJudy @ gmail com.   You can write to me here now, as this is live!**
Our physical space is now open for Private Pilates Appointments
Please contact Judy at MindtheBodyJudy @ gmail dot com if you have any questions   


Do you feel weak? Inflexible? Not fit?
Are you feeling as though everything is a priority EXCEPT for you?
Are you judging yourself - perhaps too harshly?
Do your shoulders and back ache from too much sitting/driving or maybe just too many things to do?
Do you sometimes think 'I've tried to get stronger before and I just quit'. ?
Do you want to feel more flexible, more open?
Do you want to feel stronger, more control?
Do you think that just a couple of hours of 'me' time would be good, great even?
Do you want to get Stronger Now knowing that it will be easier now than in a few years?