About Judy
Judy has been teaching Pilates, Yoga and Movement since 2007.  She enjoys teaching movement and has come to this place in her life due to her own movement struggles that include hypermobile upper body and very tight lower body.  In 2013 she had Lyme disease which left her feeling like her body was not her friend and in 2017 she had abdominal surgery that took a toll on her abs!   She's constantly working on getting stronger. 

She enjoys training classes and has trained in person with the following Movement Experts: 

Tom Myers
Katie Bowman
Liz Koch
    Ian O'Dwyer
  Mary Bond

In addition to Movement - Judy is a Reiki Master and Master Energy Healer.  She continues her studies in Energy Medicine in the Rhys Thomas Institute Graduate program.  She also enjoys deadlifting as part of her strength training program.