As the number of COVID cases start to rise, and  we are coming into the the holiday and flu season please help me keep the studio a healthy place to be.
This time of year we all feel like traveling to see loved ones and we will spend more time indoors.  Keeping my doors open for my clients is important to me and requires that we all work together.  

Please cancel your appointment if :

  • you have a fever
  • you feel unwell
  • you have any symptoms of COVID 
  • set up a time to discuss this with me so we can make a plan

Please cancel your appointments for 14 days if :

  • You have been in contact with someone who has COVID
  • If you have traveled to a any place on the list of restricted states.  Please check the State of Massachusetts guidelines for returning from your travel destination.  If the State of Massachusetts requires a quarantine or negative test please cancel your appointments for 14 days following your return.  After 14 days in Massachusetts if you are well, you can reschedule your appointment(s).    
When you know you are travelling out of state I ask that you help my small business by cancelling your appointments before you go rather than after your return.  When you wait and cancel the day before your appointment, it leaves me with a hole in my schedule that is hard to fill at the last minute.   

This pandemic has been tricky to navigate and requires creativity and compassion.  Thank you for your kindness and patronage.   

~   Thank you  ~