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How would you like a workout that is easy on your joints while increasing your strength by focusing on your core and overall flexibility? If this sounds good to you, then you should try Pilates.    


Let our highly trained instructors guide you using state of the art pilates equipment to perform exercises which cover a wide range of functional movements with the goal of maximizing core strength and flexibility.  During each session, your instructor will guide you through a variety of Pilates exercises incorporating mat, reformer and tower work.   Our equipment instructors are trained as Specialists in Pilates for Neurological Conditions.  



Fascial Stretch Therapy™


Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is assisted stretching at it's best.  Fascia is one of the least understood parts of the body, and until recently it has been pretty much ignored.  New and emerging science in this field shows that fascia and fascial health are important to overall wellbeing.  Fascia is a network of collegen all through your body, surrounding and weaving through muscle and bone.  Traditional stretching will stretch your muscles, but FST™ works to decompress your joints and stretch your fascia from your toes to your finger tips and the tip of your head.   



Mat Pilates, Yoga, Group Stretching


Check out our group classes - Mat Pilates, Yoga, Stretch! and More.  Most of our classes are capped at 6-8 participants.  Small classes ensure that you and your wellbeing are our focus and priority.  Our instructors will work with you at your level, offering modifications and options as the class progresses.  



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